Dreams: psychology

Possessed (10/2018)

Possessed by their unhealthy economic, legal and political systems - Possessed by their charities that never make up for their cruelty of class - Possessed by their pride - Possessed by the roles they play - Possessed by their fears

Stand up against “Me, Myself and I” (5/2018)

Just don’t let them keep you down and never give up.

About people seeking praise and recognition (3/2018)

They abuse others psychologically or socially in order to satisfy their desire for vainglory which is a bottomless pit.

Constancy of purpose (2/2018)

This is perhaps our only true opportunity not to become bloodthirsty failed or fake revolutionaries: to trust time and very slow progress while remaining ourselves.

People led by fear (6/2017)

When your life is led by fear (of unemployment, lack of a certain amount of money or material comfort), instead of what needs to be done to live well, you become some kind of ghost, not really living, just eaten up by your own fear and insecurity.

About religion (2/2017)

Any person who relies on religion before their own intelligence should never be fully trusted.

Druid and sorcerer (11/2016)

When I walked in the woods on Sunday, I was thinking that two activities ought to be restored: druid and sorcerer.

No lie left behind (7/2016)

To the ones who have good intentions (no exploitation of others, no overconsumption, no lifestyle that contributes to devastate the environment, no accumulation of unnecessary wealth)...