ventdouxprod 2018 nicolas barbier unwelcome wild migrants hautes-alpes french alps bear otter wolf wild horse human arrogance reintroduction
Hautes-Alpes - Part 4 (10/2018)

Unwelcomed wild migrants - 2 €

ventdouxprod nicolas barbier 2018 the lowness of large landowners on top of the hautes-alpes (courtesy of French legislators)
Hautes-Alpes - Part 3 (7/2018)

The lowness of large landowners on top of the Hautes-Alpes (courtesy of French legislators) - 2 €

Hautes-Alpes - Part 2 (6/2018)

Summers of sheep - 1 €

ventdouxprod 2018 nicolas barbier cars sheep large landowners winning trio hautes-alpes global warming
Hautes-Alpes - Part 1 (5/2018)

Driving safely towards global warming - 1 €

ventdouxprod 2017 nicolas barbier european union of water polluters
The European union of water polluters (11/2017)

Lawmakers knowingly mislead people into believing that their law protects water quality. I clarify the content of that law so that everyone could understand how it perpetuates the unacceptable poisoning of our common source of life... - 5 €