Assessment by experts



« Nicolas Barbier’s PhD dissertation addresses with remarkable accuracy issues related to the legal personality of Indigenous peoples, self-determination and self-governance. His PhD defense could not be more concise and more accurate ». Irène Bellier, director of research in anthropology at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique

« I co-authored an article with Nicolas Barbier. I appreciated his scientific methods, his inventiveness to address complex issues, his ability to embrace several sciences and the high quality of his research ». Jacques Heude, associate professor of geography, Université de Valenciennes

« I found Nicolas Barbier to be engaged, inquisitive, thoroughly competent and especially strong in honoring his commitments. His wide ranging experience and study of the forces that shape the planet and our environment will undoubtedly serve him ». Richard  Manning, journalist for Harper’s magazine, High Country News and American Scholar, John S. Knight Fellow in journalism at Stanford University

« The results of Nicolas Barbier’s research were a major contribution to a significant part of tribal history. This project (more than eighty long filmed interviews and a documentary film) is an invaluable piece of history that will no doubt contribute to the future relations between tribal and State entities ». Rebecca Miles, executive director of the Nez Perce Indian Tribe

« Nicolas Barbier has a proven ability to do the detailed research in past and current written sources, and a unique ability to make documentaries that appeal and inform a much wider audience, whether in the USA, France or elsewhere ». Gundars Rudzitis, professor emeritus of geography, University of Idaho