Dreams: economy and society

Democracy, they say (2/2021)

DEMOCRACY, they say you can’t find anything better - Democracy, the majority of voters rules, but the majority can be wrong - Democracy, a tiny minority gets to decide almost everything, while political minorities get the crumbs...

Deadly spirits (1/2020)

When your daily identity is mostly based on a job without much sense or balance...

Social hate: opposing the fair sharing of wages and sensible jobs (10/2018)

It would not be hard to share wages and sensible jobs in a fair manner without shortchanging competent people. Still, many men and women today prefer to waste peoples’ lives or worsen peoples’ living conditions knowingly and willingly by consolidating that system and making their fellow human beings suffer.

Self-destruction through high paid jobs (2/2017)

Seeking big money and leaving a legacy of destruction

The minimum wage you want… (1/2017)

Anyone speaking in favor of a certain minimum wage should get exactly what he/she is advocating for.

Violence in the job market (8/2016)

Asking competent people to compete against one another to get a job is an act of social violence and psychological abuse at best.

Revolutionary privileges (8/2016)

In case of seizure of land in the public interest, “a just and prior compensation” would comfort wealthy landlords. A visionary duke could not have enacted a better neo-aristocratic privilege.