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Macron - MbS: A murderous connection, part I (2:2023)

a series about the relations between the French State and Saudi Arabia. It focuses on the relationships between their current heads of States, Emmanuel Macron and Mohammed bin Salman, on the war in Yemen fueled by French arms and on Saudi oil in the context of a climate and energy crisis.

ventdouxprod 2020 nicolas barbier people who voted for joe biden stand for fracking on most us lands, nuclear energy, billionaires, a potentially even stronger military, polluting agriculture, etc.
I voted for Joe! (and I stand for...) (11/2020)

Is it true? Joe really wants a green economy, to help the poor and economic migrants in a meaningful way, to put an end to police brutality, and so on and so forth? Shall we go a little further? What do people who voted for Joe Biden stand for in more detail?

ventdouxprod 2019 nicolas barbier france always ready for a uranium war in the sahel
France in the Sahel: Ready for war (for uranium and against migrants) (8/2019)

If too many French soldiers die in the Sahel, France may withdraw most of its troops. In this case, France could again send only small contingents of special forces to secure the uranium among other possible missions. Or it could replace Niger’s uranium with more of that metal from Kazakhstan and Canada. Or France could ask the European Union and other European countries to get involved militarilly in the Sahel in order to prevent more migrants from coming to Europe. And shed more African blood in the process.

ventdouxprod 2018 nicolas barbier Haut Guil new territory basin district sub-basin legal autonomy
A new kind of peaceful territories (7/2018)

First, various political entities within a river basin district would be created. A river basin district means “the area of land and sea, made up of one or more neighboring river basins together with their associated groundwater and coastal waters”...

How can you say that democracy is good? (7/2018)

How can you say that your democracy is good for most people when a tiny minority owns and controls most resources (e.g., land, housing, money and financial institutions, industries, energy)?

America, forever a gun nation (4/2018)

Their constitutionally approved gun nation has also been directly responsible for the killing of more and more of American children and teenagers at school or elsewhere...

Self-destructive France under Macron (2/2018)

The country cements its dependence on nuclear energy, oil, the luxury industry as well as our polluting and polluted conventional agrifood products while sacralizing in its laws the excessive ownership of private property (i.e., that noone needs to live well). These economic trends are slowly bringing France to the brink of environmental and social disaster.