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Hautes-Alpes 4 – Cars, sheep and large landowners (10/2018)

Hiking in the mountains in early June will give you a first glimpse of the problem. By day, even relatively common species like the chamois or Alpine ibex are rare, almost invisible...

ventdouxprod nicolas barbier 2018 the lowness of large landowners on top of the hautes-alpes (courtesy of French legislators)
Hautes-Alpes 3 – Cars, sheep and large landowners (7/2018)

A very small minority of people living in the Hautes-Alpes and a small number of out-of-département people own most of the Hautes-Alpes’ farmland. Between 1999 and 2016, the average price of farmland in the Hautes-Alpes doubled from 3,900 to 7,800 current euros...

Hautes-Alpes 2 – Cars, sheep and large landowners (6/2018)

In 2015, the sheep population in the département of the Hautes-Alpes reached 260,000. It is twice the human population. Less than 600 sheep producers own the 260,000 heads. During the summer, they graze on 200,000 hectares of alpine pastures which include sparse trees in some areas...

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Hautes-Alpes 1 – Cars, sheep and large landowners (5/2018)

A lot of regional mountain dwellers are immoderate car drivers fueling global warming while hating air pollution. Up high in their mountains, they can feel far away from unbreathable cities...

NoDAPL 6- Non-Indian water protectors and public lands in treaty areas (3/2017)

In order to respect American Indians in the U.S.A., Non-Indians should give back all public lands located within old treaty areas (1851 Sioux, 1854 Ojibwe, 1855 Nez Perce, 1864 Ute, etc.) to the American Indian tribes.

NoDAPL 5- The pipelines and the snake-law (2/2017)

Streaks of venom, in the form of leaking pipelines, stem directly from U.S. law. The black snake is the law, changing its skin every year. The core of the snake-law never disappears even though its food sources sometimes change. That black snake is fed by lawmakers, themselves fueled by voters.

NoDAPL 4- The greatest alliance between American Indians and Non-Indians? (2/2017)

The goal would be to invite as many friendly Non-Indians as possible to live within treaty areas. These Non-Indians would be willing to both defend American Indian sovereignty and protect the environment.

NoDAPL 3- Wesley Clark Jr. and other Non-Indian water and treaty protectors (12/2016)

Wesley Clark Jr. said: "We didn’t respect you, we polluted your Earth, we’ve hurt you in so many ways but we’ve come to say that we are sorry. We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness".

NoDAPL 2- Water protectors and the International Criminal Court (12/2016)

Serious human deteriorations of water bodies and the climate are crimes against humanity. We can make this argument at the International Criminal Court. We as human beings depend on clean water bodies. Their deterioration can cause severe illnesses and kill people. Climate change will threaten the health and lives of countless people across the globe.

NoDAPL 1- Real protectors of the environment (11/2016)

As healthy people, if we still use cars and airplanes a lot and do not make changes in our lifestyles, then we do not deserve the name of climate or water protectors.