Articles: economy and society

A beautiful fire (6/2020)

Now is the time to invite protesters to discuss in earnest what they need to thrive in their neighborhoods and to meet these needs. You respect them first. You do not send the police or national guard. You respect them. Or else, you authorities will once again be remembered as unhinged individuals, voluntarily addicted to brutality, hidden behind guns.

American dream? (10/2019)

Restricting U.S. inequality problems to billionaires is bizarre and an obvious lie for people who want to keep at all costs an American dream based on a socially and environmentally destructive lifestyle.

(No) need for… (3/2018)

No need for your luxury - No need for recreational activities for a highly privileged minority - No need for your boasting - No need for the blood of migrants - No need for any of that, your open air psychiatric hospital...

Our priority: regaining arable lands (2/2018)

We need to reverse the land consolidation process (remembrement agricole).