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If my continent weren’t so ruthless with African “economic” refugees – Part 2 (3/2020)

African "economic" refugees come up against a European administrative nightmare as soon as they enter this continent. They are faced with administrative violence purposely designed to discourage, overwhelm, stress and at times traumatize them. The European Union and its member States have carefully crafted administrative procedures for this type of illegal refugees. They use them as part of a psychological warfare against them. 

ventdouxprod 2019 nicolas barbier if my continent weren't so ruthless with african economic refugees european union migration camps expulsion
If my continent weren’t so ruthless with African “economic” refugees – Part 1 (12/2019)

What kind of respect do African “economic” refugees get in international law implemented across the EU? All EU member States relegate a huge majority of refugees fleeing squalor, malnutrition, the impacts of climate change and environmental disasters, the lack of arable land or decent healthcare in only one category: that, precisely, of “economic” migrants or refugees, by definition unworthy of genuine respect. As such, they can be deported back to their country of origin.