Boycott of most consumer products to slow down climate change



The global climate strike of September 20 alone is unlikely to force most governments and companies across the world to make a real difference to slow down global warming. In order to force them to reduce net human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide by two-thirds from 2010 levels by 2030, I suggest an additional action.

I suggest that we stop consuming everything that we do not need to live until governments and companies prove that they do make this real difference. In the end, it may or may not mean the resignation of governments and the taking of companies by their workers.

At the individual and family level, it means that we only buy food and the products we absolutely need to live. So it’s easy, isn’t it? We would enjoy life differently, definitely in a much more sustainable manner if, one the boycott is over, we end up consuming in a very different way.

The goal is that as many people as possible participate in this boycott of most consumer products. So let’s start it on November 1.

If you are ready, just say « yes » on the comments of this webpage.

Nicolas Barbier, independent journalist