Possessed by their excessive material comfort

Possessed by their overpriced private housing and land

Possessed by their socially destructive competition for jobs between competent people

Possessed by their unfairly shared wages

Possessed by their State

Possessed by their status of little citizens

Possessed by their unhealthy economic, legal and political systems

Possessed by their charities that never make up for their cruelty of class

Possessed by their pride

Possessed by the roles they play

Possessed by their fears

Obsessed with all their possessed behavior patterns

They have already lost a part of their minds

Minds that sound like cities at war

And going from one war

To the next, every day

And one cage to the next

Not recognizing their illusion of freedom

A freedom rooted in violence imposed on others

Economic, environmental, social, political and psychological violence

Unleashed within their « society » and at their national borders

At war with so many others

These economic, environmental, social, political and psychological wars

Waking up everyday more or less ready for them

But waging them anyway

In the end waging a war within themselves

Let’s not get contaminated by their contagious disease

Let’s not get trapped

Let’s uncover all their deceptions

Let’s tell what we think of their behavior

Let’s never « try to trust them »

Because this is how these sick people keep controlling us

Let’s think through other ways

And live these other ways

Without them

Nicolas Barbier