Social hate: opposing the fair sharing of wages and sensible jobs (10/2018)




DID OUR MOTHERS GIVE US BIRTH so that we could make other people suffer on the job market again and again and let them get stuck with low wages that make it impossible to live well? No, or if they did, then they have a serious mental problem.

It would not be hard to share wages and sensible jobs in a fair manner without shortchanging competent people.

Still, many men and women today prefer to waste peoples’ lives or worsen peoples’ living conditions knowingly and willingly by consolidating that system and making their fellow human beings suffer.

So-called leftist men and women who « hate » Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron are, with the people they « hate », responsible for this socially destructive system. It is not a problem for them to exclude competent people from so many positions.

So, whether from the left or the right, these people are no different than Donald Trump saying without blinking an eye « You are fired ».

In reality, these people demonstrate a form of social hate and sadism: they neither understand nor respect life given to them by their mothers.

Nicolas Barbier