DEMOCRACY, they say you can’t find anything better

Democracy, the majority of voters rules

but the majority can be wrong

Democracy, a tiny minority gets to decide almost everything

while political minorities get the crumbs

Democracy, the majority imposes its rule through brutal force whenever necessary

and they say it’s « peace »

Democracy, excess of private property is constitutionally sacred

more sacred than life in balance with the Earth and each other

Democracy, divided into lower, middle, working and upper classes

and they speak about « unity » all the time

Democracy, the privileged minority protects their excesses

with armed forces

Democracy, governments refuse to share work in a fair manner

causing widespread psychological problems, depressions, suicides

Democracy, when fairly good is not enough to be truly respected

instead, they favor their fake « elite » dominated by social torturers

Democracy, the privileged minority « saves » the poor

with charities that maintain crowds in poverty

Democracy, if you rebel against it for justice

they’ll send the cops after you

Democracy, the lesser of two evils fuels their hopes

Democracy, they say you take it or you get a dictator

Democracy, they say you can’t find anything better

denying our ability to create

something genuinely good

for real peace

Nicolas Barbier