Self-destructive France under Macron (2/2018)



  • Carcinogenic poison in the form of infrastructures where spent nuclear fuel is going to be « treated ». As a result of their negotiations, French and Chinese officials agreed to sign a 10 billion dollar contract. Aside from the extremely hazardous and extravagantly expensive dismantling of nuclear power plants which all have a limited life span, radioactive waste will remain a lethal threat for Chinese people for millennia.
  • No less than 184 Airbus A320 which are big generators of air pollution and climate change gases (tank capacity of 26,750 liters of kerosene).
  • Our debauched luxury made in France (top-end wines, cosmetics and textile), essential to the macabre overconsumption of the Far Eastern aristocracy.
  • Our surplus of French beef which results in more air pollution (from methane), more water pollution (due to cattle feces) as well as land loss for organic fields and biodiversity as a whole (Le Parisien, 2018; La Tribune, 2018).

In France, this economy of environmental and social self-destruction has been part of state economic plans for decades. French law protects this self-destructive economy with the support of French police and army if needed. Using those laws, our state is intent on protecting:

  • The excessive ownership of private or public property, be they lands, buildings or financial property.
  • Legal contracts, however harmful, signed between private or state buyers and sellers, from the local to the international scale.

France stay on course with this destructive pattern while protecting the interests of its political, industrial, financial and commercial ruling classes. Members of those classes are our economic vampires.

The country cements its dependence on nuclear energy, oil, the luxury industry as well as our polluting and polluted conventional agrifood products while sacralizing in its laws the excessive ownership of private property (i.e., that noone needs to live well). These economic trends are slowly bringing France to the brink of environmental and social disaster.

Instead, in order for people to live well in the long run, we need to dismantle these economic sectors and put an end to the excessive ownership of land, built and financial properties. Then, we could reuse the assets generated by this dismantling in order to respond to real emergencies such as:

  • The redistribution of arable lands for small organic farmers and people committed to tending organic fruit and vegetable gardens
  • Satisfactory healthcare, housing and organic food for everyone
  • A great expansion of public transportation powered by wind, solar and hydrokinetic energies
  • The rationing of households’ energy expenditure
  • The reconnection of people with restored ecosystems, clean air and water, abundant wildlife and good soils
  • The maximized recycling of materials that we need, etc.

French legislators do not respond to these emergencies. Their laws protect the interests of our ruling classes as well as those of their successors. They protect those interests with the support of the French police and armed forces, both of which are shamelessly bought with public funds and behind which all members of our ruling classes take cover (Emmanuel Macron first).

Wages are likely to collapse or decrease sharply for a large part of the French population by 2118. Welcome in a world where we will have almost run out of oil, uranium, natural gas, coal and lithium. Welcome in territories deprived of a long preparatory process respectful of our environment and genuinely fair from a social standpoint.

In reality, today’s French adults who believe that they deserve more than the people who live here in 2118 are the worthy heirs of the French who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II: « moderates » consumed by their fears, selfish, cruel, polluting living dead.

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