For the youth: self-protection against emotional predators (10/2022)




A SIMPLE PIECE OF ADVICE FOR THE YOUTH WITH A GOOD HEART: Never ever let anyone diminish your value as a human being, be it at work or in any kind of relationship you may have with anyone.

Quite often, people who attempt to diminish your value choose a particular moment in your life when they believe that you are vulnerable.

Just be aware of a few things about those emotional predators:

  • The ones who try to diminish your value as a human being are always liars (frequently lying to themselves too), cruel people who usually want to assert their false superiority over you.
  • Many of those individuals thrive in our societies because we live in societies which value many forms of cruelty. It can take the form of deep economic injustices, unfairness in the job market, or high positions of authority, control and management for a tiny minority whose members are routinely cruel emotional predators.
  • Rare are those courageous enough to admit their problem, deal with it and abandon their wickedness, and so they frequently remain pitiful emotional predators all their life.

You don’t need to fight those pitiful people: Just protect your spirit and let them deal with their own cruelty and pitifulness.

Nicolas Barbier