NoDAPL 1- Real protectors of the environment (11/2016)


For a behavior pattern that reflects our words

IF WE CALL OURSELVES PROTECTORS of the air, climate, water, animal species, life in the ocean and so on, we had better have a behavior pattern that reflects our words. In terms of the air and water, it means that we can no longer use cars and airplanes whenever and wherever we want to. In the USA or Europe, cars and airplanes combined are one of the biggest factors of climate change and the source of significant water pollution.

I am not speaking of elderly people or people with disabilities or serious health problems who need cars to move around. I am speaking of healthy people with no particular health problem. Yes, it is almost impossible or extremely difficult to do without cars from time to time, especially in rural areas where distances between places are huge and public transportation insufficient. But people without specific health problems can make efforts to reduce their use of cars and airplanes a lot. We won’t solve our addiction to cars by switching to electric cars with lithium batteries that are the source of pollution and water depletion near lithium mines (Argentina, Chile, Australia, China, etc.), not to mention the other polluting elements of these electric cars.

As healthy people, if we still use cars and airplanes a lot and do not make changes in our lifestyles, then we do not deserve the name of climate or water protectors. And then there is no use blaming the legislator or a corporation because the people who build the Dakota access pipeline or try to build an airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes are acting to fuel our cars or airplanes. And be sure that the defenders of the pipeline and airport will point this out.

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A traffic-jam in Los Angeles a day before Thanksgiving day on November 23, 2016

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