NoDAPL 4- The greatest alliance between American Indians and Non-Indians? (2/2017)


Idea for water protectors in North America

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YOU COULD ORGANIZE a very large intertribal council during the summer of 2017 (why not at a large powwow site in Montana) where you would invite representatives of tribal governments, other tribal leaders and all Non-Indian organizations present at Standing Rock.

The goal would be to invite as many friendly Non-Indians as possible to live within treaty areas. These Non-Indians would be willing to both defend American Indian sovereignty and protect the environment.

If you give these Non-Indians (organic farmers, builders of windmills and solar panels, doctors, investors, etc.) some incentives, together American Indians and Non-Indians could much better protect their common environment and way of life.

You could sign contracts with these Non-Indians. For instance, if a tribe gives or lends some plots of arable lands to Non-Indian organic farmers, in exchange these Non-Indians could give free fruits and vegetables to tribal elders and children while freely training American Indians in organic farming.

Over time, you could make intolerant Non-Indians a minority in these treaty areas.

Why not convene the greatest intertribal council of all times during the summer to make the greatest alliance ever with Non-Indians respectful of both old treaties and the environment?

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