No need for your extreme domestication of the living

No need for your pervasive packaging

No need for your contaminated agricultural lands and foods

No need for your dirty energy sources, be it coal, nuclear, oil or gas

No need for your widespread wage discrimination

No need for your insane laws on the real estate market

No need for your excessive material comfort

No need for your individual motorized freedom fouling our air and climate

No need for your electric cars based on the polluting over-exploitation of copper and lithium

No need for your luxury

No need for recreational activities for a highly privileged minority

No need for your boasting

No need for the blood of migrants

No need for any of that, your open air psychiatric hospital


A need for sensible activities with fair wages for everyone

A need for simple and modest housing, but always decent

A need for clean air and water

A need for wholesome and unpolluted foods

A need for affordable public transportation, accessible everywhere, running on wind, hydrokinetic and solar energies

A need for a fair sharing of arable lands for people who treat them well

A need for reconnection with wildlife and our greatest respect and protection for it

A need for a warm welcome for migrants, be they ten million or more in France during the 21st century

A need for people who understand the meaning of life

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