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USUALLY, NEITHER JOURNALISTS NOR SCIENTISTS TELL YOU THE TRUTH about the law of the European Union (EU) related to the quality of groundwater and surface water. Typically, they merely address small fragments of the law. They focus neither on the core of the law nor its critical elements. Within the EU, the commercial, financial, judicial, industrial and political ruling classes all have a vested interest in downplaying or hiding water pollution due to EU law. I explore the hidden depths of this law. I emphasize key legal paragraphs responsible for continuing pollution of groundwater and surface water and for the countless aquatic ecosystems in poor environmental conditions. I give examples of the impacts of that toxic law in a river basin district I know well for having lived there for years: Artois-Picardie in northern France. I sometimes look at other basins within the EU. Lawmakers knowingly mislead people into believing that their law protects water quality. I clarify the content of that law so that everyone could understand how it perpetuates the unacceptable poisoning of our common source of life.