Rights to land and housing violated by the French state (4/2018)




OBSESSED BY AN ARTIFICIAL RIGHT TO SUCH AND SUCH WAGE LEVEL depending on their job, most citizens have come to forget two fundamental human and environmental rights violated by France from the birth of this nation:

  • The right of all newborns to an individual plot of arable land (a minimum of 100 m²) and access to enough unpolluted water to grow vegetables and fruit in it. This right could revitalize a lot of rural areas in great need of new life. Plots of lands could be exchanged when people move to new areas
  • The right of all newborns to decent and healthy housing, sustainable, well-lit by day and of correct size (at least 25 m² per person) throughout his/her life

These two rights should remain in the culture and law of a nation. 100 m² of land per French would amount to 6,700 km², that is 1,3 percent of the French territory…

Arable lands in the Guillestrois area (photo : N. Barbier, 2017).

Nicolas Barbier